Chocolate Cherry Coconut Drops

I saw these at Tjs and bought it without having any idea what I was going to do with it.

Coconut chips

These are crunchy flakes of coconut that aren’t over sweetened. Plus, as far as coconut goes, the stats are pretty good. A serving is half the package and sets you back only 160 calories. Not bad for coconut!

I mixed these chips with melted chocolate chips and dried cherries. Dropped onto a silpat covered cookie sheet, these clusters harden into tasty little candies. I made them large because I was impatient, but make them small and they would be delish little bites. These took all of 10 minutes to put together for a book club meeting but would be super cute to wrap up for holiday treats.

Clusters via



Next time, I think I might use diced dried apricots and white chocolate. Maybe a little dried pineapple?Cherry Coconut Clusters via

So good, they taste like another…

Cherry coconut clusters via

Ps – please ignore my chocolatey fingers. I was quickly running out of light and needed to snap these photos before they set completely! Moving right along, nothing to see here…

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Drops

1 bag gluten free chocolate chips

1 bag coconut chips (2 ounces)

1 bag dried cherries, or other fruit

Melt chocolate chips in a large bowl, add coconut chips and dried fruit. Stir to combine. Drop onto a silpat or parchment covered cookie sheet. Pretend it was much more difficult than this when you share with friends. Let set. Will keep stored for several days.

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7 responses to “Chocolate Cherry Coconut Drops

    • Thanks! I’ve already been thinking of different ways I can customize these with other types of fruit. They were a huge hit, so easy, and everyone I shared with could eat them :)

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