Reset your System with the BluePrint Cleanse

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt like I needed to do a diet re-set.  I could feel something in my everyday diet having an impact on me feeling poorly, and I needed to get it out and start fresh. What better way to reset your body than a gluten-free, raw, organic, cold-pressed, 3-day juice cleanse! (Stay with me, here)

The BluePrint Cleanse is a series of six juices specially developed to give your body the nutrients it needs to function, while giving your digestive system a little break. There are three different cleanses offered by BPC, I picked the middle one (Foundation) because I’ve done the cleanse before. (Beginners should start with the Renovation series).

Blueprint Cleanse via glutenfreeglow.comYou start your day off with a green juice – a delightfully refreshing mix of kale, romaine, spinach and apple, among other veggies. I actually enjoyed the green juice (you can see from the above that I had to drink three a day, so it’s a good thing I liked it!)

Between green juices, you get a super delicious P.A.M (pineapple, apple and mint) juice that was by far our favorite, and a spicy lemonade as juice #4. (This gave me a great mid-afternoon kick). You supplement the juices with as much water and herbal tea as your bladder can handle.

Ending your day with a super fresh cashew milk, lightly spiced with cinnamon was like a special treat after treating your body well throughout the day.

Blueprint Cleanse via

It certainly wasn’t easy going.

Empty bottles via

But we did it, and have the empty bottles to prove it!

Empty bottles via

Overall, I felt GREAT after completing it. There were certainly moments that I felt tired or weaker than normal, but I’ve never felt so light after finishing it. There are some disclaimers on the BPC site about potential side effects of the program, but I didn’t have any of them except a few light headaches.  I will definitely do this again, through BPC or a modified version using my juicer at home, whenever I’m feeling heavy or over-indulged.

If you’re interested in doing the BluePrint Cleanse cleanse, the juices are sold a la carte at most Whole Foods, or, you can order to have them delivered directly to your door. (Grab some buddies like we did and get a discount!)

Prep Tips

  • Wean yourself off coffee a few days before starting. While a small cup of black coffee is “allowed” during the cleanse, it’s better to do without. Tapering your coffee intake before starting will minimize the risk 0f a major caffeine headache
  • Resist alcohol a few days before (and after!) While it may be difficult to turn away a cocktail, you’ll thank yourself later
  • Ramp up on veggies and cut down on dairy/heavy protein 1-2 days prior to starting. I made little quinoa bowls with arugula and spinach to nosh on during my prep day

Cleanse Tips

  • Write out a schedule so you know when you should be drinking (I had to remind myself to drink at times because I wasn’t hungry)
  • Work your biceps and SHAKE those bottles. These are not pasteurized juices so they *will* settle. Shaking them mixes all the ingredients and also creates a nice frothy top to the cashew milk! (Don’t use a glass so you can shake periodically while you’re drinking)
  • On days 2 and 3 (or 4+ if you’re a beast!), take a few sips of the cashew milk in the morning before your green juice. I found I functioned better with a little bit of protein first thing
  • Warm 1/2 cup to 1 cup of low sodium vegetable broth in the evenings (Pacific brand is my favorite). The cleanse is VERY low in sodium, so you will crave salt (we wanted crackers and pretzels!). A little bit of vegetable broth brightened us up at the end of the day, especially after a…
  •  Workout! You’d be surprised what your body can do! My friend and I were able to do our fave barre workouts at LavaBarre on days 1 & 2, with some light cardio on day 3. Don’t push yourself and do a 2 hour Bikram class or spin, but we felt totally invigorated after some exercise
  • Stay busy! It is much easier to *not* think about food when you’re out doing stuff, or are busy at work. We did the cleanse Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday and Friday were a breeze because we were both busy sitting at a desk all day. Saturday would have been a drag if we were at home all day, but we packed up a cooler in the car and ran fun errands like manis, and bridesmaid dress shopping!
  • Don’t spend too much time anywhere without a bathroom. You will pee a LOT (sorry if this is TMI, but you gotta know this!) I started a counter and the average was 13 times a day – 6 times before 1 pm.


  • Weight loss - I lost almost 7 pounds, and my friend lost 6. We’re well aware that this is mostly water weight, but it is a fab motivational tool too keep some of it off, plus good if you’re prepping for a special event
  • It changes the way you look at food. During the cleanse, we were looking forward to eating cucumber, avocado and wheat toast. If you would have put a burger or brownie in front of me, I would have turned it down! All I want to eat right now are veggies, I don’t crave sugar, cheese or meat
  • It changes the amount of food you consume. Juicing for three days makes your stomach less used to holding large volumes, so less food fills you up quicker. On day 1 post-cleanse, we were stuffed after eating toast with avocado and drinking tea
  • Amazing sleep at night. I fell asleep right away every night and slept straight through to the morning. Every day I woke up feeling rested and satisfied
  • I didn’t have a single stomach ache or any gluten related side effects for three whole days (it was almost enough to make me consider forgoing food forever and just drinking juice)

Many of these benefits will fade over time and when it does, I fully intend to do another 1, 2 or 3 day cleanse to get myself back on track. This is *not* supposed to be viewed as a “quick fix” or a “fad diet,” because it isn’t! It is a way to get yourself back on track and to reconsider your relationship with the things you’re putting in your body.

When all else fails, put it in a champagne flute and pretend.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I paid (a lot) of money for this cleanse out of my own little yellow Kate Spade wallet. BPC doesn’t know me and the above thoughts are truly, 100% my own.

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