100% Pure – How a Natural Mascara Got a Hard Earned Spot on my Vanity

When going gluten free and tossing any lip products that might have gluten, I also embraced a more natural and organic approach to beauty products in general. When you sit back and think about the chemicals you slather all over your body, put in or on your eyes and mouth, it can get a little scary! It makes me feel a lot better knowing that the products I put on my skin are good for me – inside and out.

I’ve long been obsessed with eye lashes and mascara, and I was mostly nervous about trying to replace my mascara routine for a natural route. My makeup drawer is filled with mascara, plumping serums, curlers and I even went through a major falsies stage during wedding mode two years ago. My hunt ended a short while ago when I found this product line after complimenting a coworker on her gorgeous, thick lashes.

So this is a story about some sad little lashes, finding a shiny new coat.


100% Pure mascara is gluten free, pigmented from all natural fruit and vegetable antioxidants.


With an incredible little brush that coats every little lash.


And made my peepers pop.


They lived a fancy new life together.


Never to be heard from again.


Just kidding. My eyelashes didn’t run away with my new mascara. But, they are a whole lot happier now that they’ve found their new mate!

My lashes are long, but super fine and thin. This can cause may-jer spider spikes if I use the wrong mascara or pile on too much. 100% Pure Mascara is very thin, but not watery, has a fantastic brush for buildable coverage and smells absolutely incredible! It smells like berries and just reading the ingredient list makes me smile. Not only is it better than any other mascara I’ve tried, but it’s natural, vegan, gluten free and loads of other good stuff.

I did find that it didn’t quite hold up to a long day outside in heavy humidity, and ran a little during a really hard workout, but I still wear it every day. If you’ve been skeptical about swapping chemicals for a more natural touch to a delicate part of your body, give this one a shot. (I’ve only tried the Black Tea, but there are three other colors that look equally yummy).

100% Pure also has tonnnnns of other products that I fully intend on checking out (they sent a free package of tester sized products with my order that I plan on blogging about too). According to their website, most of their products are gluten free, though it really isn’t necessary to go crazy over using a gluten free mascara or blush since you aren’t ingesting it. Though this mascara smells so good, you might be tempted to taste!

Have you gone the gluten free or natural product route yet?


Ps – apparently hitting the save icon on the WordPress app (without switching post status to “draft”) will publish your post!  Oops…Thanks for bearing with me on a repeat :)


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4 responses to “100% Pure – How a Natural Mascara Got a Hard Earned Spot on my Vanity

  1. i was just on their website. the mascara has wheat in it. it in NOT gluten free. some of us are so sensitive we can’t use it even though we are not injesting it. my search for gf mascara contiunes.

    • Interesting finding! Their FAQ page says this:

      Are your products gluten free? If so, where does the Vitamin E come from?
      Most of our products are gluten free. We are sensitive to this since we know many people suffer from gluten allergies. One common ingredient that contains gluten is Vitamin E. But the Vitamin E we use is gluten free because it’s derived from cold pressing rice bran.

      I just sent the company an email and will let you know what they say.


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